Worthington Woods Animal Care-Boarding

Worthington Woods Animal Care Center

7520 Worthington Galena Road
Columbus, OH 43085







Your Pet's  HOME away from HOME!!


 We know that while you look forward to going away on vacation, you worry about leaving behind your beloved pet. It can be a stressful experience for both pet and parent alike! Here at Worthington Woods, we want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. Stop in and take a tour. 


While your pet is visiting us at Camp Worthington Woods:

We will do our best to maintain your pet's feeding schedule. We recommend you bring your pet's own food, but in the event you forget, we supply Purina EN prescription dry dog food for our canine visitors and Science Diet Maintenance dry cat food for our feline friends. Treats are given to all of our boarders unless you advise against it. We happily provide our food and treats at no additional cost to you. If your pet is on a special diet we do ask that you provide a sufficient supply of that diet. We also supply all bedding and dishes.




     If you use a veterinary hospital other than ours, vaccination history needs to be supplied to us prior to the day of boarding. Please have your veterinary office fax your pet's vaccine history to us at 614-885-5258.
    If your pet is in need of vaccinations we will be happy to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian for you prior to the boarding reservation.


 Required vaccines for dogs:

              Distemper/Parvo Combination vaccine

              Bordetella Vaccine


              Bivalent Canine Influenza Vaccine

 Recommendations for dogs:

              Recent negative fecal test

              Recent flea preventative/application


 Required vaccines for cats:


            Feline Distemper/upper respiratory Vaccine

 Recommended for cats:

            Feline Leukemia vaccine

            Recent flea preventive



 For the health and safety of your pet and others, all boarding animals are checked for external parasites (fleas/ticks).
 If parasites are found on your pet, we will treat your pet prior to placing them in the kennel area. The treatment cost will be added to your final bill.
 Prices vary depending on weight and animal type.



 We will be happy to care for most special needs animals at no extra cost to you. If, however, your pet has a medical problem that requires close monitoring (diabetics, multiple medications, bandage changes, etc.) there will be additional charges. It is important to inform the staff about any medial conditions unknown to us such as seizures, neuropathies, or recent surgeries. Please advise our staff prior to drop off of your pet's needs if possible. We will do our best to let you know in advance of any additional charges.

 Please note: If your pet has a contagious illness such as kennel cough or other upper respiratory infections, we will not be able to board them in our kennel area until they have a clean bill of health or are no longer contagious. Hospitalization may be necessary. 


 This way to your room:


 Our Cat Condos are very cozy!!! The cats enjoy a large personal condo equipped with a litter pan, bedding, food/water dishes and plenty of toys! 
 We give each cat individual time to sit in the window and gaze, or just hang out on our cat tree. Only same family cats are allowed out of the condo at the same time.
 Our cat room is cleaned twice daily. Litter pans are cleaned more often if necessary. 



 Our kennels have to two separate compartments for sleeping and elimination. The dogs are free to move from one section to the other. 
 During cleaning we close off the sleeping quarter in order to clean the run area. This is done two to three times daily, depending on your dog's bathroom habits. 
 Our large dog kennels are 16 feet in length (sleeping quarters: 4 X 4; runs: 4X12.) Our medium to small dog kennels are 9 feet in length (sleeping quarters: 3X3; run: 3X6).
 Our kennel facility is fully heated in the colder months and air conditioned for those hot summer days. Our kennels are indoor only, but the pets are walked outside on lead at least three times daily, temperament permitting. Kennels are equipped with bedding, food/water dishes, and toys. We monitor all of the dogs very carefully. 
 For those precious pups that like to eat the bedding instead of sleep on it, we pull all bedding immediately.

 *PLEASE NOTE: We do put the safety of our staff and all boarding animals above all else. If your dog shows signs of aggression, we will not put our staff at risk. You're pet may receive limited walks due to his/her temperament.

Rabbits and Pocket Pets:

 Yes!  We board them! We will board your pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, etc) in the cage you provide. We will also board your rabbit in the cage you provide or in a condo we have here. 
 You are responsible for bringing all food, hay, and vegetables for your rabbit or pocket pet.