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Ready, willing, and able to spoil your fur babies while you are away.

Why choose us

Peace of mind.

We really hope that your pet does not need veterinary care while you are away, but in the event that they do become ill, rest assured. We have a full medical team on site. Our boarding team is trained to recognize symptoms and alert the medical staff. Because the veterinary team is in the same building, our campers wait minutes, not hours or days, to receive the treatments they need.

Our rooms are HUGE.

Your pets are used to having more space than a cage and they should not be confined to one while you are away. At Worthington Woods, we have some of the largest individual suites available. On average, our dog suites are 25% larger than our competitors and we have divided sleeping and potty spaces. You wouldn't want to sleep and potty in the same place... neither do your pets.

We believe in fresh air.

Time outside is important to your dog's health. Each canine camper receives at least three individual walks outside. Our outdoor walks are standard practice at Worthington Woods, not an additional add on. For our feline campers, they receive daily play time to roam and explore our cat room. Cuddles, climbing trees, and warm laps included.

We're fun and so is our facility.

We have redesigned our boarding facilities with paws-itively awesome upgrades. Canine and Feline campers give it the paws up. Seriously, the cats say the climbing trees are the cats meow. The dogs note that they just can't stop retrieve-n and believe-n how much fun our camp counselors are. Woofs on the street is that our biscuits and peanut butter stuffed kongs are the best around.

Our Boarding Services

Loving care while you are away

We call our boarding facility Camp Worthington Woods. Our goal is for your pets to have a safe and fun stay.
Pets should board, not be bored. Trained staff treat the campers like their own pets.
Treats will be given. Copious pets, comfy bedding, and belly rubs are free of charge.



First pet

Under 40 pounds = $39/night

Over 40 pounds = $44/night

Second pet**

Under 40 pounds = $31.75/night

Over 40 pounds = $36/night

**Must share accommodations (same run)



First Pet    $29/night

Second Pet**     $23.25/night

**Must share accommodations (same condo)


Pocket pets

Rabbit/Ferret = $25/night*
Guin. Pig/Hamster = $25/night*


For our pets with special needs, rest assured that they will be well taken care of. We have a full medical team on site! Additional fees may apply for medical treatments. 


*For holidays, $4 holiday surcharge is applied to nightly rate on the day before holiday, day of holiday, and day after holiday. Three night minimum stay over major holidays.

Our complete boarding policies and procedures can be found here:

Our facility

dog 10
Kennel 2
Kennel 1
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Dog 1



We know where you leave your pets when you can't be there is a BIG decision!


You are always welcome to tour our boarding facilities in person. Our team is ready and willing to show you around during regular business hours. 

cat boarding 😽

Dog Boarding 🎾

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